Wednesday, December 28, 2005

So, Did You Miss Me?

Christmas isover kids.  In fact, first thing my mom did on the 26th was removethe hint that Christmas even existed as far as decorations, the tree,lights outside, etc.  I thought that was just lovely. Anywho, I've had a good break thus far.  I've read 2 books that Iwould endorse anyone that reads this blog to read, the first beingPatriot Reign by Michael Holly where he follows the Patriots and thecoaching staff through the 2002 and 2003 seasons.  Great insightinto what makes the Pats a dynasty and how Belichick, no matter thegray sweatshirt, is a true genius.  One of the funny things in thebook is how the Pats director of player personnel, Scott Pioli, ismarried to Bill Parcells' daughter Dallas.  Pioli is alsoBelichick's best friend.  So imagine what Christmas dinner is likeat that house each year.  I'm facsinated by Belichick, the way heapproaches football, and how he does it better than anyone else. John Fox is my favorite coach, but Belichick is definitely number2.  Just look at the job Belichick does year after year while histeam is decimated by injuries.  Just absolutely amazing.  Thesecond book I read was Heartbreak & Triumph: The Shawn MichaelsStory.  First, I will say that there are way too many wrestlingmemoir books out there, but this one is one of the best.  Iliterally couldn't put it down and finished it in 4 days.  Inshort, its a story of a man who grows up age-wise to become a Championbut didn't grow up in maturity until he became a father and eventuallybecame a born-again Christian.  Great read and very honest. 

I don't think Imissed too much on the racing front.  The Tennessee Pig BobbyHamilton Jr. was fired from PPI and Travis Kvapil will drive the32.  OK.  I'm no Kvapil fan but I would expect the team dosomewhat better.  Larry Carter will move to Bill Davis in amanagement role, which seems to be a growing trend for great crewchiefs to move to.  The best story, however, is the possiblereemergance of Morgan-McClure Racing.  They're getting a soliddriver in Scott Wimmer, Chevy is bringing some support, and they have 3sponsors lined up to cover the season.  After the 77 disbanded andgiving them a top 35 slot, This team won't be a race winner but willhave a better season than their previous ones have been. 

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Last Post Until....

Honestly,not sure.  I'm going home tomorrow, well right now its later ontoday.  I got talked in to coming now, and silly me was too busygoofing around with my roommates tonight so I haven't packed athing.  Ah well, it'll be fun tomorrow anyway I guess.  So,why won't I be posting?  Since I left for school, I took thecomputer.  My mom used it maybe once a week, and my dad can't properlyturn one on (sorry dad).  But I'm not going to go through thetrouble of picking this thing up and removing everything I have set up,so I gues we'll wait and see if we get one by the 25th. Hopefully, we'll get one this weekend. 

At the risk of being a lazy ass and just writing a witty Christmas wishlist, I'll just say this:  I hope everyone gets what they want forChristmas.  I just want finances.  The big gift, a PlayStation 3,doesn't come out until the Spring.  I'm looking forward to seeingmy friends again.  Some more great times are to be had.

In closing, I just want to tell everyone Merry Christmas.  May the season be kind to you and yours.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Roush Busch News Part 2

Just cameacross some news that Roush will be running a 3rd full-time team forDanny O'Quinn, who has been very close to winning the Gong Show for thelast 2 years now.  No word on a number or sponsor yet, my opinionis that one of the sponsors from the Discovery Channel show liked himso much that they ponied up to bring this deal together.  You canfind out more about Danny here and here.  All I have to say is, welcome to the team Danny.  This young man has a lot of talent.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

I Spit In The Face Of Winter Weather

As of rightnow, we're getting freezing rain here in Charlotte.  I can hear itfalling, and now it's starting to collect on the trees a bit.  Itwould suck if it turned major, as I have an exam on Friday that I mighthave to walk a few miles to get to.  Of course if we are stuckhere for a day or two, we would be drunk by noon.  Supposedlythere is another one coming in Saturday, we shall see.  Makes wantto head the hell home after the exam Friday.  This is just a newexperience for me in coming home for the holidays.  According tothe songs, there is no place like home for the holidays.  I hopethat's right.  I'm ready for a break, even though every time I gohome I miss Charlotte so much. 

Oh, you wanted racing stuff?  My bad.  The best cause I canthink of right now is for everyone reading this to finish up and then click this link. They've gotten some attention back, after Bruton Smith and Bob Bahrehave asked for $12 million to buy it.  Just think, if we can get12 million true NASCAR fans to contribute one dollar, we can doit!  And what a great Christmas gift that would be to the ravagedregion there, and to the loyal NASCAR fans that appreciate great shorttrack racing.  Alas, probably won't happen.  But if there isever a time to hope, what better than Christmas?

I also have to say this: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!  Even thoughshe doesn't read this I have to say it anyway.  I wish I could bethere in person tomorrow, but I will be home for Christmas.

Monday, December 12, 2005

The Dog Days of December

Anyone else besides me having a tendency to flip the channel to NBC at 1 on Sundays?

After such a long season, its only a week or two and we want the racesto be back on again.  Us true fans miss it too damn much and wantto get back to Daytona as soon as possible.  2005 was special in afew ways to me personally.  Seeing Roush Racing having anincredible year, so many wins, there were many a happy Sunday (andSaturday night) at my house.  To see the 8 and the 24 having somuch trouble?  More than I could have hoped for.  Now if onlythe 48 would be like that too...  Anyway, being at the Cup race atMartinsville was just awesome.  If anyone wonders why racing is anaddiction, just go to a race.  Immerse yourself in theatmosphere.  Then you'll know.  The sights, sounds, andsmells simply cannot be accurately described by reading it. Racing is an experience, not simply something you go to.  Tounderstand why so many people love it, you have to feel it.  Andwhen you're tired, sunburned, with your ears still buzzing and you'releaving the track, you notice on thing: a huge smile on yourface.  It simply doesn't get any better than that.

Friday, December 9, 2005

New Colors, New TV Deal

I did thisblog survey and it told me that my best blog color is green.  So Ifigure I'd give it a try.  When it gets closer to Christmas timeI'll have a special Christmas color scheme.  That's right, Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas.  I don't use that happy holiday mess.

NASCAR announced that we'll be getting ABC/ESPN back for the coveragestarting in 2007.  Hey, great, I love what they did in thepast.  And if it means NBC will stop interrupting theircommercials with races every week, I'm all for it.  The numbersfor this thing are staggering:  4.4 billion dollars for 8years.  Since TNT wanted a few races, they got a nice little 6race deal.  And given that TNT and ABC/ESPN share their NBAcoverage and work well together, I wouldn't be surprised at all if theyshare on-air talent and several other personnel.  Hopefully thismeans a return of Dr. Jerry Punch to NASCAR week-to-week.  MaybeBill Weber can rediscover his magic that he had for so many years withESPN before NBC brainwashed him.  I don't mind what GeoffreyBodine did with the ESPNEWS deal, but I really hope he isn't going toin the booth.  Please, put Rusty there.  I would love aPunch/Rusty booth.  It probably isn't realisitc to expect the oldgang back, with Bob Jenkins, BP, and Ned Jarrett in the booth with Dr.Jerry, John Kernan, and Bill Weber in the pits.  But if they canget a group to perform at that level, it will be the best for theracing itself and every fan that tunes in.  Now what do Iabsolutely hate?  Why the hell is the All-Star race on SPEEDnow?  What?  Was FX too big of an audience for it?  Whatthe hell are they thinking with that?  I'm pissed.  Even lesspeople get SPEED than FX, and hello, FX is getting picked up more andmore.  If its ratings and viewers they're concerned about, thenwhy isn't this race on network TV?  You know how many millions youcould get with that?  I don't get it.  Brian France tripsover his own feet while moving forward, and he never getsanywhere.  Kudos to the Busch Series for being exclusively onABC/ESPN/ESPN2 though.  That's great to have thatcontinuity.  The Busch Series needs its own identity and needs itbadly.

Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Comedy Night

A picture is worth a 1000 words.

Yeah... CJ loves it too.

For the second tidbit of fun:

Ashton Lewis Jr: solid Buschdriver, but not a Marine... it seems Mr. Lewis was with a few otherdrivers, including teammate Regan Smith at Parris Island a few daysago.  Well, Ashton slipped on a rope while repelling down a poleand suffered a broken talus bone.  He had successful surgery andwill recover at home.  The quote by Smith pretty much sums it up: "Driving 180 mph, not a problem, but walking 2 mph is difficult."


Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Kluever's Ride

Petty Math

Take the famous Petty 43 car...

Add a former Champion as driver...

Add two former Champion Crew Chiefs....

And a snazzy new paint scheme...

Well, what do you get?

Answer: A return to prominance for the Pettys.  I'm very impressedwith what they have done, and I expect the team to win next year... andget surprisingly close to the Chase.

Saturday, December 3, 2005

Taylor - Hopkins II

I'm no expert, but I do enjoy great boxing.  Which may be thereason why I never watch the heavyweights.  But this is beinghyped as the fight of the year, and if it is better than the first,then it will be a helluva show.  Their first fight was July 16with Taylor stunning Hopkins by winning (narrowly) the UndisputedMiddleweight titles.  The fight itself was great, Taylor jumpedout early and led 7-2 before Hopkins came back ferociously and almosttook it, but Taylor won a split decision.  Since then, the rematchhas been hyped to no end.  Taylor has made fun of Hopkins, I'msure everyone has seen the "crybaby Hopkins" routine by now. Hopkins feels he was robbed, Taylor feels he is getting norespect.  This a dream situation, because these guys may be theonly way boxing can matter in the least... the heavyweights don't fightanymore, they hug each other for 12 rounds.

My analysis of the second fight is pretty basic.  I expect Hopkinsto assert himself earlier this time, and I expect Taylor to pace himselfbetter.  But as the Taylor supporters say, he is bigger, stronger,faster, and I would add that he now has championship experience to that list.  Taylor isgoing to be more confident and he still possesses that underdogmentality because of how Hopkins has handled the situation.  Iexpect this one to go the distance as well.  Winner by unanimous decision: Jermain Taylor.

Friday, December 2, 2005

More 26 Jamie McMurray Pictures

I got a bitof free time, and in the absence of anything really to post about, Imanaged to find some more pictures of the new 26.

Jayski has the diecast versions on his paint scheme page.

So, the banquet is tonight... who's going to be bored?  Answer: everyone there.

I'd love to see what Scott Wimmer and Bootie Barker could do with the 4 team....