Friday, July 14, 2006

Friday Notes

The YouTube video of the week – Two words guys, Talladega Nights.  Jaynelle took my idea again!  YouTube has several versions of the trailers for the movie.  So each week I'll bring you a different one until the release date of August 4th.

Now time for the Friday tradition: 

- Carl Edwards and Tony Stewart are entered in the modifiedrace at NHIS this weekend.  I’ll beinterested to see where they finish and it would be cool to see the racebecause those modifieds can be pretty racy. 

- Speaking of Carl, Bob Osborne could return to the 99team.  I’m not sure what I think aboutthat, it makes the moves earlier in the year all for naught because Jamie stillisn’t doing that well.  On the brightside it has shown that Wally Brown is capable of being a Cup crew chief.  I think a team swap may be in order becauseJamie just doesn’t seem to do well with that group.  At the same time, the only team that it wouldeven be logical to switch with is the 6. 

- One more Roush item: Pete Shephard of Driver X fame isentered in the Truck race this week at Memphisin the 50.  Not a bad move in myestimation.  That’s quickly becoming theinternational truck with Jourdain there (Shephard is Canadian). 

- Richard Petty took part in the Goodwood Festival of Speeda week ago in England.  I remember DW and Jeff Hammond the same a fewyears ago, about time The King gets some international acclaim.  I would like to attend that event some time. 

- Is there trouble brewing at KHI?  Jeff Burton will run the 77 car in place ofBurney Lamar this weekend.  Wouldn’t ithave been much easier to put Burtonin the 33 and let him use of the 77 cars? Lamar’s running for points and for ROTY so I don’t get taking him out ofthe car. 

- The Busch Series is again having a problem with shortfields.  I think that’s a problem. 

- Testing at Indy this week brought pretty much everybodyout to run.  I think it just re-affirmshow big the race is in just the 12th running. 

- One more thing about Ed Carpenter: he wouldn’t get firedif he killed the grand marshal during driver introductions.  Perks of having a team owned by daddy who isalso the president of the IRL!

----- New Hampshire Preview -----

Loudon likes to favor repeat winners.  Several times in the track’s history if a guywins the summer race, he’ll come back in the fall and take that one aswell.  It happened back in 2003 withJimmie Johnson and the following year, it was Kurt Busch.  Jeff Burton has also done the double.  In fact, given his recent tear I think JeffBurton will be the odds on favorite this year. I’m forced to combine Friday and Saturday’s blogs into this one becauseI’ll be without computer pretty much the entire day tomorrow.  I’ll get into the predictions: 

WINNER – Jeff Burton 

It’s time for Jeff. It would be a sweet win and I think it will be a popular win as well.

DARKHORSE – Robby Gordon

Why not?  He has wonhere before and I didn’t want to go with a rookie for this race.

Here is your channel surfing schedule: 

Cup qualifying at 3 on SPEED

Busch: New England 200 at 3on TNT
Trucks: O’Reilly 200 at 9 on SPEED

Cup: Lenox Industrial Tools 300 at 1:30 on TNT

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walnutzmaniac said...

I with you on a Jeff BURTON win !!!