Friday, July 21, 2006

Friday Notes

Welcome kids, the Talladega Nights video this week features some public service announcements from Ricky Bobby and Cal Naughton Jr. that are hilarious. 

Now time for the Friday tradition:

- Sadler’s announcement is official: bye bye RYR.  Who’s ready to star in the Yateseidon 2?  Stephen Leicht and Ward Burton, come ondown!  We’ll see what Leicht does thisweekend at Pocono.

- Tony Stewart donated another million to the VictoryJunction Gang Camp last week, just once again showing how awesome Tony is withhis money and his causes.  He is alsofunny with his rivalries, which I firmly back on this guy…

… because Ryan Newman is a prick.  He rates right at the top among the mostornery, bitch drivers in NASCAR.  I’venoticed it since his rookie year: he doesn’t realize that when you don’t havethe car, there is no point in racing a guy with an obviously better car justfor spite.  Several times you’ll seeNewman with a bad car racing guys entirely too hard too early in the race andit leads to shit like what happened last week. Hey Ryan,

- Danica was on PTI yesterday and it was prettyinteresting.  The interview was fine, butthe end was no words and a lot of speculation. She refused to comment whether she was leaving Rahal Letterman, aboutNASCAR, and about Ed Carpenter.  Italmost seemed that it was a done deal for her to be elsewhere next year.   

- MB2 changed hands again this week with the Ginn guy thatsponsors the car part-time bought the majority stake.  I’m not sure if he’ll improve the teams ornot but if he pours more money in, that’ll be dandy.  Hopefully it goes better than most of thesponsor/owner combinations in the past.

----- MartinsvilleBusch Preview ----- 

I don’t do this every week, but this race is different.  The Busch Series makes its return to thesouthern Virginiatrack for the first time since 1994. Among the entries in the race are Darrell Waltrip in the 99 for his nextlast race and it will be good to see Ricky Craven back on track (albeit in aFitzBradshaw POS).  I’d give the Cup guysa big advantage in this one, I just wish I was there to see it.  Newsom’s gonna be there though, so check outThe Spotter where he’ll be live blogging from the track.  And the winner will be: Denny Hamlin.

----- Pocono Preview ----- 

This could be the weekend of Denny Hamlin.  At the Busch race I think he is the favoriteand of course, he recorded his first Cup win here just six weeks ago.  Since the race wasn’t that long ago Iwouldn’t expect too much to change in the race. The top 10 of the race was: 

Denny Hamlin
Kurt Busch
Tony Stewart
Brian Vickers
Matt Kenseth
Greg Biffle
Kasey Kahne
Scott Riggs
Jeff Burton
Jimmie Johnson

I think the chances are very good for each of them to finishin the same spot; Gibbs is looking good because both Hamlin and Stewart coulduse a win to boost their Chase standing. That said, here are my choices:

WINNER – Denny Hamlin 

For reasons stated above. 

DARKHORSE – Scott Riggs

Don’t look now, but Riggs is 21st in points and how couldyou forget that he even missed the Daytona 500! This team is under the radar but performing rather well given thecircumstances. 

Here is your channel surfing schedule: 

Cup qualifying at 3:30 on SPEED

Busch: Goody’s 250 at 3:30 on NBC 

Nextel Cup: Pennsylvania500 at 1:30 on TNT

Outro – Busch on NBC, Cup on TNT?  Which race is the bigger one this week?  I vote for Martinsville.

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