Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I have to level with you: I haven't had the inspiration or drive to make a post today, so this is all I got through after a whole day of thinking about it, typing a bit, then doing something else.  I'm reveling in the debut of my new column, The NFL Extravaganza, on  You can see the first edition of the weekly column here.

Here is what I feel like is worth talking about:

The Sadler/Yates/Evernham Saga 

Boy, Yates will be a totally different team nextseason.  With Jarrett and UPS gone andnow Sadler leaving, it will definitely be a new era of RYR.  That future could bode well if Stephen Leichtis everything the team thinks he is, and if the second driver the team hires issomeone like Ward Burton.  It will stillbe strange to see for a while.  I don’t knowexactly what Elliott sees in Evernham’s team, I have a hard time picturing heand Kahne together.  Sadler and Riggssounds like a mediocre team.  That leavesJeremy Mayfield elsewhere, most likely the 00 team for Michael Waltrip. 

Danica Moving To Andretti Green? 

Since AGR is the official IRL team of The Catfish Show, I feellike I have to talk about this.  First, Iwould be all for it.  Danica CAN win, ifshe has the right team.  What most of themainstream writers and personalities seem to don’t get is that her team and hercars aren’t as good this year as they were last year.  AGR could fit that role for her to deliver onthe hype.  The question, though, is whowill be replaced on the team.  Obviously,Marco is safe and I’d bet TK is safe as well. Both Herta and Franchitti’s contracts are over at the end of theyear.  I assume that one of these guyswon’t be back, and you could make the argument for either; Franchitti becausehe never seems happy and Herta because of his lack of production.  If I had to guess right now, I’d say Franchitti– but either wouldn’t surprise me.

Also, DJ will most likely be in the number 44 next year.

This week the Cup Series is in Pocono while the Busch Series will make its long-awaited return to the Martinsville Speedway.

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cindyandbobe said...

Consider this if you may?  Sadler not going to Evernham, but instead going to Rousch. Just who is going to drive that 6 car when Martin is done at the end of the year anyway?  Or maybe Mayfield even.  Something to think about anyway.