Monday, July 10, 2006

Monday Stuff

- The big driver announcement to come out of Chicago was Juan "please call me Pablo" Montoya's confirmation to drive the #42 next year for Ganassi in Cup.  The announcement was certainly shocking, to say the least.  Montoya was a monster hit here in CART and he won the Indy 500, then promptly moved to F1 and never fulfilled his vast potential.  So now he will come back across the pond to drive in NASCAR and will do it next year.  I hope everyone thinks realistically when it comes to his performance.  It won't be much.  Its gonna be his first full year in stock cars, and he may run 5 Busch races at the most this year in preparation.  Good thing the 42 will be locked into the field.  Montoya has loads of talent, no question.  In a few years, he could become a pretty good driver.  Not right now and not the next year either.  Its a calculated gamble for Chip to do this, ensuring that Reed Sorenson will be his most experienced Cup driver next year.  At the same time, it will bring a lot of curious fans into the sport anxious to see what Montoya can do. 

- This bomb dropped today: Danica Patrick's dad is working to get her a development deal in NASCAR.  Ohhh boy.  If that happens, imagine the publicity everywhere.  Is the talent there?  Somewhat debateable.  Like everyone else that has tried and is planning on trying, it won't happen soon.  She'll struggle and she'll tear up equipment.  That's a given.  But if the right team lands her and is patient enough, who knows?  We'll await more details if/when it becomes a reality.

Who Doesn't Have An Opinion About Jeff's Spinning Of Kenseth?

I've expressed mine, what are yours?  Is Jeff little Napoleon on the track or did Matt have it coming? 


walnutzmaniac said...

Jeffie is a "little, cheating twitt", who can only win races by cheating these days. That "bump and run" was deliberate and obvious to all, he could have checked up and gone around Kenseth and still won the race, but he has to be a jerk about it. No wonder he gets boo-ed by the fans. I didn't hear any cheering for his win, that's for sure.  He WAS a Champion, I'll give him that, but now his a "HAS BEEN". He should go get married and do something else with his life. JMO

lwjcybil8 said...

YOu know the "bump and run" used to be a normal every race deal. I don't know many drivers who didn't experience it from Dale what is the big ass deal? Sounds to me like we have alot of wimpy guys who don't have the ability to drive the hell out of their cars to keep it off the wall! Whine, whine, whine...sounds alot like Mark Martin has been doing his training again!

thecatfishshow said...

I'm glad the bump and run isn't an every race deal.  Its fine when kept to the tracks where a guy isn't sent spinning into a wall or the grass at 150 mph.  Which is why Matt did it without remorse at Bristol after having it done to him a few laps earlier, but everyone else seems to forget that.  As far as the Martin comment, I'll take that to mean you don't respect the guy that everyone else in NASCAR respects greatly.