Sunday, July 30, 2006

Weekend Thoughts

So I watched the Busch race last night and it turned out to be a better race than it usually is.  Watching Denny Hamlin and Carl Edwards fight it out throughout the race was a joy.  Hamlin's team sure screwed up the end of that race.  PK and the 60 team took a great gamble with 2 tires and it didn't even matter that Carl missed pit road the lap before.  Another win for Carl but yet again, not much of a gain in the points as Harvick still has a monstrous lead.  I was impressed to see Kevin Grubb in the top 10.  His comeback is coming along nicely.  Erin Crocker finished 19th!  Is the sky falling?

Today I was ready to watch some IRL action at Michigan only to find a rain delay.  I watched long enough to see the AGR camp do their jokes then I was flipping around and came across the Champ Car race on NBC.  I think I give them a bad rap sometimes.  Its not that bad, and it makes me wish there was one series because if you combine IRL and Champ Car then you could have a good series.  The street course was also better than most I've seen.  It didn't bore me the way they usually do.  But of course the big story was Paul Tracy and Alex Tagliani's dust-up.  I'm sure you've seen the clip: Tracy runs off, spins the car around, and comes in just in front of a full speed Tagliani, destroying both cars.  Needless to say, Tagliani was none too happy and behind the pit wall we got a great moment in racing for 2006.  Tagliani grabbing on Tracy's firesuit demanding an explanation, some shoving, then just when you think its over... DING DING DING!  THEY'RE TRADING BLOWS!  WE'VE GOT A DONNYBROOK HERE!  Unfortunately, NBC stopped showing the live feed of them and instead focused on the pit stops.  Honestly, who cares about pit stops when two drivers are fighting on behind pit road?  Yan Beeker (I think thats his name) interviewed Tracy a few minutes later and he had a cut on his head.  Simply great stuff.  Sebestien Bordais won, his 278554th win in Champ Car competition.

One last thing about the IRL:  its pretty sad that out of three networks, none of them saw fit to show the race live.  That just shows how much they think of the series.  And it shows how badly we need a respectable unified series in the country.

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