Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Chase Breakdown Version 4.0: Two Race Warning

With 2 races left until New Hampshire in September, here is what the Chase is looking like right now:

Top 10

1. Jimmie Johnson 3499

2. Matt Kenseth -7

3. Kevin Harvick -321

4. Kyle Busch -402

5. Jeff Gordon -408

6. Denny Hamlin -429

7. Jeff Burton -435

8. Tony Stewart -443

9. Dale Earnhardt Jr. -448

10. Mark Martin -450

The next 3 (Points behind 10th place 3049 in parenthesis) 

11. Kasey Kahne -540 (90)

12. Greg Biffle -701 (-251)

13. Carl Edwards -711 (-261)

So, who will be in the Chase?

The same guys that are now.  Pretty simple.  Barring something unexpected, the guys that are in the top 10 are good enough to get past Richmond intact.  Bad luck this year has taken Kahne out of the Chase despite four wins and two Roush drivers.  I find the fact that 8 Chevies will be in the Chase disturbing, but those guys are simply better right now than the Fords and Dodges.


walnutzmaniac said...

I wouldn't count Kasey Kahne out of the Chase just yet !!!

thecatfishshow said...

I don't think he'll gain 90 points on Mark Martin or anyone else in the next two races, *barring* something unexpected.