Sunday, August 6, 2006

Jimmie Wins At Indy... Yawn

Is there any more anti-climatic moment in NASCAR right now than watching Jimmie Johnson win?  I really can't think of one.  This race reminded me of the All-Star race, when Jimmie takes the lead late and 95% of the crowd just sits there disgusted.  This is nearly as bad as mid and late 90's Jeff Gordon.


lwjcybil8 said...

It's no different than when Tony Stewart did the same thing at Daytona last year. I drove all the way from Indiana and sat in the rain for 3 hours just to watch Tony win at Daytona? I was bored with that race as soon as he took over the lead. Now I am bored with the media and people like you who can't give Jimmie a break! He deserves to win....5 years in Nascar and he has led the whole thing thus far. He deserves to win! He has been the "groomsman or best man" long is time he took home the prize! GO JIMMIE #48!!!

dothechop71029 said...

Don't worry, Jimmie is like my Braves...he will blow it in the playoffs.  

walnutzmaniac said...

I agree with YOU Matt, that race was a snoozefest !!!  Another wasted Sunday afternoon, in my humble opinion. But then I'm not a fan of HMS.