Monday, August 7, 2006

Observations | Indy

- I'm going to be a homer and proud Southerner when I say this:  The Allstate 400 is not bigger than the Daytona 500 in NASCAR.  Its not.  There is still no bigger race than the first one of year in Florida.  Yes, its Indy.  Yes, I appreciate the track because of what its meant for racing in this country.  I just don't agree with the line of logic that places it even with or better than the Daytona 500.  The Daytona 500 is the premier race in NASCAR.  This fawning over the Brickyard has got to subside.

- I thought for sure that Jeff Burton was going to win the race yesterday.  I think a bigger question is, why did he fall completely out of the top 10?

- I give credit to the group at RCR for the turn around the team has made after some dismal years in Nextel Cup.  Jeff Burton and Kevin Harvick rank 3rd and 4th in the point standings, now both seem to be pretty well locked into the Chase.  Coming Wednesday, I'll have Chase Breakdown Version 3.0.

- I can't be the only person who laughed when Bill Weber said "a disappointing run for Dale Jarrett today."  What run for DJ isn't disappointing anymore?  The 88 team is at the point now where Dale could put Jason Jarrett in the car and I don't think anyone would notice.  That kind of happens when the team and the driver aren't trying.

- I still have hope for Biff's chances to make the Chase.  I didn't give up on Matt last year and I'm not giving up until the checkered flag waves at Richmond.  It would help if people would stop crashing him at the end of the race though.

- Speaking of Kevin Harvick, I think we may have to institute a mercy rule in the Busch Series.

- From the Where The Hell Have You Been Department, Dennis Setzer finally showed some signs of life in the Truck Series with a runner-up finish at IRP Friday night.  It was his first top 5 of the year.  Maybe its just me, but switching to #85 was a bad move.

- I firmly stand by what I said last night about Jimmie Johnson.  Walnutz, I have to be straight: I'm not a big Mikey fan, but there are teams (like Hendrick) I despise.  Lwjcybil8, as far as Jimmie "deserving" a Championship, he needs to take a seat behind Mark Martin and Ricky Rudd.

Jimmie will blow it in the playoffs, guarenteed. 


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walnutzmaniac said...

Well, Matt, as least we agree about despising  the same organization. I consider that a plus on my side. I realize that allot of NASCAR Fans are NOT Mikey fans, but I think I have a right to be a PROUD Mikey fan and not be slammed for it. Not that you ever have, I'm speaking in general turms here. Mikey WILL have better days ahead, I know that for a fact !!!

lwjcybil8 said...

Mark Martin lost my vote last year when he beggged and pleaded with drivers to "Move out of my way, I have a chance at the championship here"... good did everyone else but were they whinning about not being able to race the competition? NO! Last year was the only year in many, many years as of late that he was even close. AND! I have met the man personally...before he was big...and he is an ASS! Jimmie is a decent hard working competetor who doesn't whine about the way the other drivers treat him during the race....Martin is a big baby!

Ricky Rudd needs to have a much better year before he could possibly win a championship my friend! You don't win championships because you are an older veteran and "deserve it" because you think you are the king. You win championships when you work your ass off the whole year, just like Jimmie has...I'm not even a big Johnson fan, I am die hard jr. and J. Gordon, but I'm not stupid enough to know that Johnson is going to have his time and it looks like it just might come this year!!! ROCK ON JIMMIE! GO #48!

thecatfishshow said...

OK I didn't want to do this, but I'm about to cut your arguement apart.  The first part about telling people to move out of his way is way overrated.  Like you don't get that way when you're out driving on the interstate?  You don't tell people that can't hear you to move out of YOUR way because you're frustrated?  Exactly.  Its pressure and frustration that everyone has, only Mark's gets broadcast over NBC.  And last year being the only year recently he was close?  Do you even watch racing?  2002: second place, losing to Stewart by 39 points.  2004: Fourth place, finishing 107 behind Kurt Busch.  2005: Fourth place, finishing behind Tony Stewart by 105 points.  Yeah, he really hasn't been close.  Mmmhmm.  I've met him personally as well, he has been nothing but nice when I've been around him.  Jimmie has spent years studying at the feet of chronic whiners and complainers in Jeff Gordon and Rick Hendrick.  Jimmie has done nothing this year to prove he will win a championship because since 2004 he has led the points in the summer and coughed it up in the fall.  I expect that trend to continue until proven otherwise.