Monday, August 21, 2006

Observations | Michigan

Well, all's well that ends well.  The high tempers from Saturday were soothed Sunday and now we have a week until we get to see some very high tempers: Bristol baby.

- I was right about Burton finishing 2nd after all.  If you put a 4 in front of it.  Am I the only person who thinks he was trying to talk himself out of a Chase spot by insisting he wasn't safe?  I think Jeff's his own worst enemy sometimes.

- I thoroughly enjoyed the post-race interview of Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Mark Martin.  Dale Jr. is a stand up guy that takes responsibility for his actions and his respect of Mark has been documented many times before.  Dale Jr. likes Mark a lot more than his dad ever did so I respect him for that.

- You can't stay mad at Tony Stewart forever.  His post-race quote was priceless:

Yocum: "So how'd you go from 33rd to 3rd today?"
Stewart: "I did my job."

Come on, you know you busted out laughing too.

- The official announcement of Jeremy Mayfield signing with Bill Davis came out.  I think that could be a solid move if Toyota is as good as everyone thinks they'll be.  Mayfield becomes the de facto number one driver because Dave Blaney pretty much sucks and if the chemistry is right they'll be decent to pretty good.  The only chemistry Ray was concerned about was his with Erin Crocker... HEY-O!

- And finally... was I the only person who noticed the similarity of Carl Edwards' move after the Busch race Saturday to when Cole Trickle nailed his teammate Russ Wheeler after Wheeler wrecked him for a win in Days of Thunder?  I loved it.  You can just imagine Edwards coming into the pits saying "Change my tires.  CHANGE MY TIRES."  Then BAM, right into his car. 

If you want to say it was dangerous, go back and watch the race and see how Edwards' car nearly got airborne as he spun down the backstretch.


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