Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Observations | Watkins Glen

A day late but I'm not a dollar short, Watkins Glen featured two great races that showed why its the better of the two NASCAR road races.

- The arguement that always comes up when Boris Said has run his last race of the year is "why doesn't he have a full-time ride?"  The reason is his age and the way he races.  Boris doesn't practice give-and-take, as evidenced by his wrecking of Ryan Newman on the last lap and subsequent penalty afterward.  Don't get me wrong I like Boris, but I'd hate to see him struggle in a 36-race season.

- RCR continues to shine and now its not so out of the question for either Burton or Harvick to win the championship.  My Spidey Sense at the moment tells me that Kenseth and Burton will be fighting for the Championship.

- I wish the races at the Glen were longer.  90 laps isn't enough action.  Then again, all those years before there weren't 10 cautions either. 

- Oh what could have been for Robby Gordon... but who knows, next year he could be doing a lot better for himself.

- How times change: last year I would have been livid if Kurt Busch had suffered a penalty like that.  This year?  I laughed.  That that, bitch.

- The Lucky Dog rule officially needs tweaking.  When Kyle Busch goes BEHIND THE WALL to fix something, goes 5 laps down, makes them all up and gets a top 10?  You have got to be kidding me.  Here is my proposal: no Lucky Dog when there is already 25 cars on the lead lap.  It alleviates the congestion on pit road and if a guy makes it up the hard way, then thats fine.


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- The last item I leave you with is a reminder to answer the trivia questions correctly to win the DVD set NASCAR: DRIVEN TO WIN.


walnutzmaniac said...

Hey Matt, what do you think of the rumor that Robby Gordon is going to buy Robert Yates Racing ???  Do you really think he could pull it off ???

thecatfishshow said...

I don't believe Robby would be buying RYR.  I can see a merger and I expect Robby's team to merge with another team.  Honestly I'm kind of surprised it hasn't happened with DEI.  The one thing you have to remember about Robby is that he has a silent partner that is worth a billion dollars in John Menard, Paul Menard's father.  

dothechop71029 said...

I can definitely see it being between Burton and Kenseth during the Chase (because they are the smartest racers of the bunch), but don't forget about Stewart or Gordon if they make it.   Those two have combined to win 6 of the last 11 titles for a reason.  

dothechop71029 said...

I said Kenseth and Burton were the smartest racers among the Chase drivers, completely forgetting about Mark.    

thecatfishshow said...

Haven't forgot... the Spidey Sense is subject to change.  I just like those two right now, Gordon and Stewart are a bit too inconsistent for my liking.  If Mark's cars were better he'd have a great shot but Tryson has gotten worse with time.