Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Top 5 Drivers That Should Be In Nextel Cup

I can't say exactly where I got the inspiration to decide which drivers I think should be in Nextel Cup.  Maybe its with all the silly season rumors in the air.  In any case, these 5 guys and some honorable mentions are featured below:

Honorable mention: Ricky Craven

Age works against Craven and I think he may be better suited for a good Busch ride for a team that need experience.

Honorable mention: David Starr

Starr quietly ran well in the #75 but has taken it up a notch or two in the #11 Red Horse team.  He might get a look if Toyota brings more teams than expected in a year or two.

5. Brendan Gaughan

Gaughan got an extremely raw deal from Penske in 2004 and has struggled to recover since.  I'd like to see him get another shot but unfortunately I don't think it'll happen.

4. David Reutimann

I thought he would have a Cup ride by now andhopefully he still will.  Just look at his work in the Trucks andespecially his performance in Busch.  He has been a very underrateddriver and look at what he's done in the #99 compared to what Mikey hasdone: its really no comparison.

3. Ron Hornaday

Straight up, Ron Hornaday never got a fair shake in Nextel Cup.  Driving for AJ Foyt wasn't exactly a top ride but I think he did his best.  Ron can still drive too.  His Busch and Truck efforts have clearly shown that; its too bad we'll never know how he might have done with a good team in a good car.

2. Johnny Sauter

How Johnny Rocket hasn't been back to Cup since 2004 is a mystery to me.  He fits everything team owners should look for but he never gets the job.  He showed flashes in his part-time efforts with the 09 and this year with Haas.  RCR in 2004 was very different than the RCR team today.

1. Johnny Benson

Number one with a bullet too.  Benson never should have been demoted in the way he was.  He is too good not to get another chance.  Instead of one race wonder Gilliland, Benson could actually make an impact in Cup.

This list would have Travis Kvapil and Scott Wimmer on it if they don't get rides in Cup.  Although, my Spidey Sense tells me Kvapil could end up in the 00 because they still owe him one for the BANG! fiasco a few years ago.  I still don't think his reputation fully recovered from the drunk driving charge.

Lastly, the Brokeback Cowboys (LastCowboys.com) had a totally useless story up that Jayski picked up but then it was removed.  I highly, highly doubt that they have any inside information on Ward Burton because this is the second time they've pretty much lied about it.

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okiecarmechanic said...

i agree that johnny sauter should be in the nextel series.he is the bobm!if i
could fix one of his cars he would have won every race!