Wednesday, August 2, 2006

What The Hell Is Left Of Robert Yates Racing?

I'd love to know.

Out since May:

Eddie D'Hondt (General Manager)

Dale Jarrett (Driver, #88)

UPS (Sponsor, #88)

Elliott Sadler (Driver, #38)

Slugger Labbe (Crew Chief, #88)

Tommy Baldwin (Crew Chief, #38)

Plus, their own cars are apparently crap and they went to Roush for help for that.  This could be the biggest mid-season reshuffling I've ever seen in my life.  Here is the kicker, by the way: they're looking to add another team!  So, with both current teams resembling a toilet in need of flushing and adding Busch part-timers Stephen Leicht and David Gilliland, no one stopped and said "wait a minute, shouldn't we put a veteran in one or two of these cars before starting another team?"  Being the good blogger I am, I managed to find a picture of the offices at RYR.  This is a world exlusive:


Yep, thats what it looks like over there.  Can the team rebuild?  I think time will tell.  It aint looking too good right now.


rubnrace said...

I was thinking the very same thing a few weeks ago... might as well close up shop boys.   They should fill out some applications over at Petty Racing.  That team is becoming a NASCAR team melting pot and it seems to be working!!


dothechop71029 said...

At least they can still get all the free M&M's they want lol.