Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Why The Mark Martin Bashing?

I am dumbfounded by people who bash a great man and great driver, Mark Martin.  What the hell do you have against him?  A guy that races clean, races fair, has more respect in the garage than ANYONE but that isn't good enough?  I don't understand it at all. 

Anyway, Jeremy Mayfield's mouth (and poor driving) has earned him a seat on the sidelines this week as Bill Elliott will take the wheel of the #19 this week at Watkins Glen.  I've never thought Mayfield was an elite driver but to his credit, he put that car in the Chase the last two years and won a race each season.  Pretty consistent.  Then at the start of this season he gets more or less shit on by Ray Evernham as the big reorganization put his team with Kasey Kahne and the 9 car and in return, Mayfield has spent the season working with a team that was Bill Elliott's R&D team with the #91.  I think that Mayfield will benefit from moving to Toyota, which it now looks like will be the case as he is expected to sign with Bill Davis.  It bears watching to see if Mayfield and Elliott Sadler will jump to their respective new teams before the end of the year.  I would love to see something worked out that ends with Sadler in the 19, Mayfield in the 23, and Ward Burton in the 38.


lwjcybil8 said...

Oh OK so it is ok for you to "bash" Jimmie Johnson who happens to be in 1st place in the championship thus far, yet not ok for me to "bash" the "great Mark Martin"? What a double standard sir! He only gets respect because he is older than the rest and has alot of experience, but that hasn't earned him a championship now has it? I didn't say he didn't race clean and fair...I said he whines! To me he doesn't give 2 cents for his fans or he wouldn't embarrass them by whining...now I have to admit He hasn't whined alot this year...lol...but he hasn't made any commitments this year either. All last year Rusty's last call (and I think he was a whiner too), was overshadowed because he wanted to retire too. Well fine and dandy if you do...but he didn't...which made him look stupid!Did he give back all the gifts andmemoribilia that was given to him? I sure hope so...that wouldn't be "racing very clean". You forget I said I met Mark Martin at a race many years ago in Winchester Indiana and sad to say...he was an ass! I do not care for him and never will.

lwjcybil8 said...

Oh and by the way....The Brickyard was boring because one driver...not Johnson...led most of the laps and no one else could attempt to do anything about it until the end and that took alot of brain power and experience. You obviously do not care for Hendrix Motorsports and it shows...you are so biased against them it isn't funny. I read your blog daily. No different than most people when it comes to racing..and their drivers...but I will have to say this...don't crack on me for bashing if you are going to bash. I like to read good racing material...not bashing...but if you are going to bash, well I have to say my piece too.