Tuesday, September 5, 2006

The Calm Before The Storm

That storm, of course, being Race 26 at Richmond (man, could this race could use a badass nickname or what?). 

To NASCAR's credit, they have just about everything they want in the Chase this year.

Jeff Gordon?  Check.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.?  Check.

More Chevies than Ford and Dodge combined?  Check.

Mark Martin out of the Chase?  Almost.

Kasey Kahne in the Chase?  Almost.

The last two are still subject to change, of course.  Nah, I guess its not really like that... the 6 team has been decidedly average in the last several months because Pat Tryson forgot how to fix a car during the race.  Kahne appears to be back near his form from earlier in the year when he won 4 of the first 15 races.  Kahne was damn impressive at California this weekend in both races and it really wouldn't surprise me if he won at Richmond as well.  Not that I like the kid though.  I still think he is little punk.  He was also an easy target to make fun of Saturday... Snuggle?  Are you kidding me?  He really looked gay in that firesuit.  I wonder if Ray makes Erin wear it after the race in the motorhome.... sorry.  Back on topic: the 9 is running on a big high from Cali and it should transfer to Richmond as well.  The one kink in the system is that Jeff Burton, not Mark Martin, sits in 10th place.  I would hate to see that team left out after running so well this year.  I also hope Mark makes it in, even in 10th, but I'm not very optimistic about his chances if he makes it in.  The elite teams are the 17, 48, 24, and 20.  The 5, 29, 8, and 11 are just a notch below.  The 6 was there earlier in the year but the performance just hasn't been there in quite some time and I wish it wasn't so.  Saturday night's going to be one hell of a race though.

A few things to mention from California right quick:

- West coast people are tired of the majority of the media talking about Darlington and they need to shut it?  Well I'm tired of hearing about how much better the west coast is than anywhere else.  Just remember the east still runs the show.

- I was literally screaming for Reed Sorenson to hold on and win Sunday.  Reed's a great talent and I think he'll do as well has he can in the Ganassi equipment. 

- Did anyone else pick up the prolonged camera shot of Ray Evernham and Erin Crocker in the 9's pitbox?  I thought that was strangely amusing.  I think NBC is trying to get Ray to snap.  He'll punch Allan Bestwick and yell "YES!  I'M DATING HER!  NOW LEAVE ME ALONE YOU LITTLE MIDGET!"

We'll see what happens later on this week, especially the little nugget about Mark Martin driving the 88 next year...

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