Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My Take On The 6 Car

Coming out of the Roush camp this weekend, David Ragan willdrive the 50 car at Dover this weekend along with a more surprisingannouncement – he’ll drive the 06 3M car at Dover as well, a race originallyscheduled to run by Todd Kluever.  Itwould certainly appear that Kleuver’s status for the 6 is in doubt as RoushPresident Geoff Smith said Saturday that one of the four young drivers in theRoush program – Kluever, Ragan, Danny O’Quinn, and Erik Darnell would drive the6 for AAA in 2007. 

Immediately, you can disregard O’Quinn and probablyDarnell.  If O’Quinn were a seriouscontender he wouldn’t have been pulled from the 50.  I would actually rank him fourth, becauseDarnell could still have an opportunity within the next two weeks.  Although by then the decision will supposedlybe made, so the battle will now boil down to Ragan vs. Kluever. 

As I said earlier, I have faith in Kluever.  I think given time he could be a very gooddriver.  I’m not wavering on that butRagan’s age (20) and his recent run of good performances in the Trucks haveserved notice that he could be the man sooner than later.  I have a feeling that Mark Martin will have asay in the outcome.  He has taken bothKluever and Ragan under his wing of sorts. At this moment I believe it is 50-50 on who will drive the car nextyear.  Either way, it will be the end ofan era.  Add to that the fact O’Quinn andDarnell are still there and will be worthy of rides in the next few years, Ithink a certain Crown Royal driver should be concerned. 

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