Wednesday, October 4, 2006

A Few Things To Read As You Count Down The Days

Days to Talladega, of course :-)

The Spotter has an interesting post about what is planned at LMS in two weeks.  Let's just say a picture is worth a thousand words.  (One quick note: don't act too excited about Dustin Long's blog.  It might be contagious.)

Apparently Jayski speaks Italian.  When word got out that Jacques Villeneuve was looking at NASCAR I was like everyone else and felt pretty meh about it.  Now he might drive for Roush?  You have my attention.  Probably nothing more than a part-time Busch ride to capitalize on the Canadian Busch race.  I'll calling it now: Villeneuve and Jourdain both drive it at their respective home country tracks, in Mexico it'll be sponsored by Jose Cuervo and in Canada it'll be sponsored by Crown Royal.  The third part-time driver will be Jamie McMurray.

Finally, I've had this sucker bookmarked for months, just waiting to link to it: The Legend of the Talladega Curse.  It appears in the Scene Daily blog and is worth the read.  This is just part of what makes any race at Talladega exciting and intriguing.

I want everyone to bring a party hat tomorrow because it's gonna be a celebration, bitches!

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