Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday The 13th Strikes Again

Could tonight's Busch race have been any stranger?  I don't know how.  From the cautions to the red flags to taking 20 minutes to figure out the lineup with 10 to go to Mears and Edwards getting together... Dave Blaney wins?!  This race will be a part of Busch Series lore for years to come.


walnutzmaniac said...

I thought it was the most exciting race I've seen in a very long time. TWO Red Flags and a bunch of NASCAR officials not knowing what to do to unscramble the scoring mess. i would imagine they will be scratching their heads for awhile on that one !!!  Kevin Harvick winning the Busch Series Championship with FOUR races to go. Dave Blaney winning the race, and Michael Waltrip finishing the race in second place !!!  I am an AVID fan of Michael's so naturally I am an EXTREMELY HAPPY CAMPER TONIGHT!!!  I have to say that I commend Mears and Edwards for their maturity, under very difficult conditions.

I can't wait til tomorrow night for more action from Lowe's Motor Speedway !!!

dave426 said...

I think NASCAR could have made better and quicker decisions on where everyone belonged. Harvick was in 8th place during the single file restart on lap nine, but had to start behind the 38th place car. Mears blatantly ran the red light at the end of pit lane. If you or I did that in a traffic situation, we'd be punished. This guy drives cars for a living, and can't follow that basic rule. Kurt Bush did it at the Glen, and it cost him the race. Breaking the rules has to result in some punishment. Obey the rules, argue your point, and let NASCAR figure it out. It might take 10 caution laps and a red flag, but they'll get it.