Friday, October 20, 2006

Friday Notes

My YouTube movie trailer is for Saw 3.  In my opinion, a much better - and more twisted movie than The Grudge is.

Now time for the Friday tradition:

- David Ragan’s running 4 races in the 06 to close out thisseason.  Good move and I can’t say I’mthat surprised.  This past week he wasrunning pretty well in the Busch race until one of the 674538 wrecks ended up taking himout.  The races will be Martinsville,Atlanta, Texas,and Homestead.

- Well this was originally going to be about theannouncement for Dale Jarrett’s new number next year, but late browsing ofJayski indicates that 44 is the winner. So, umm, Dale Jarrett’s number next year for the UPS Camry will be 44.

- You’d have thought Jesus himself were coming back if youask some people about Ward Burton driving the 4 at Martinsville thisSunday.  My thought is eh.  Ward’s a nice guy and used to be a gooddriver but I doubt he’ll do anything with anyone anymore.

- Kevin Harvick could skip the Busch race in Memphis next week to focus on the Cup race in Atlanta.  I don’t blame him if he decides to doit.  A little side note here: I havealways someone who has locked up a title to mail it in at the end of theyear.  Hell if it was me, I’d run a lapor two, pull it in, and sip on champagne the rest of the race.  And I’d have a sexy party.

- Sam Hornish will supposedly run the Phoenix Busch racenext month.  Now that should be prettydamn interesting to see.  Unfortunatelysince he drives for Penske, I won’t really be cheering for him.

- Steven Wallace will be taking over the 64 for the rest ofthe year in Busch.  If you didn’t seethis coming, you might be as naïve as Jamie McMurray.  Speaking of Steve, why aren’t the conspiracytheorists throwing a fit about him winning the ARCA race at Iowa, the track designed by his dad?  You’re letting me down guys!

- Speaking of ARCA the 2006 season came to a close this pastweek after Iowa.  Frank Kimmel won the championship once again(and once again, it wasn’t close).  BobbyGerhart and Billy Venturini went second and third.  ARCA seems to me that it has fallen off fromit’s past importance.  The attention ofJuan Montoya certainly helped the last few weeks, though.

----- MartinsvillePreview -----

I feel like I’ve neglected the Truck Series for severalmonths… and the truth is, I have.  It ishard to follow a series when you can’t watch their races.  Now I don’t even listen to the radiobroadcasts.  All I do now is wait for theresults to be posted and then check to see if Martin won and where the Roushdrivers finish.  I guess I’ve missed afew things, like when did Todd Bodine stop dominating?  When did Bill Davis’ team get good?  This week in Martinsville the Trucks go for 200 laps in afall shootout where the winning team will make just one pit stop and the timingof that pit stoop will most likely determine where they finish.  In this one the old guys will dominate withone exception: Denny Hamlin steps into the 46 Chevy to give Mark Martin a runfor his money.

WINNER – Mark Martin

Any race at Martinsvilleis worth the price of admission.  Since2004 this race has been absolutely pivotal for a champion to establish hisdominance while some of his foes falter and see their championship hopes endedat the tough southern Virginiatrack.  As yall probably know if you’vebeen reading TCS long enough, Martinsvilleis the home track of yours truly, having grown up just across the border just20 minutes away.  The track is the oldestin NASCAR but the number of drivers who have the place figured out is still asmall percentage.  Drivers must bedisciplined enough not to overdrive the corners here or it will bite them bigtime.  You hear the announcers talk aboutgetting a “rhythm” and here it is essential to making it 500 laps.  Your winner Sunday will know this verywell.  Track position here makes thedifference but a good car can overcome a setback.  Man, I can’t wait for this Sunday.

WINNER – Kyle Busch

Hendrick driver? Check.  Not everyone’s pick JeffGordon and not Jimmie Johnson.  Just afeeling about Rowdy here this week.  Hefinished fifth here in the spring and seems to take to difficult tracks well.

DARKHORSE – Sterling Marlin

Don’t look now, but MB2 is showing some signs of life.  Sterlinghad a great run last week and was decent in the spring.

Here is your channel surfing schedule:

Nextel Cup qualifying at 3:30 on SPEED

Truck: Kroger 200 at 1:00 on SPEED

Nextel Cup: Subway 500 at 12:30 on NBC

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