Friday, October 27, 2006

Friday Notes

This hilarious clip is of Cal RB Marshawn Lynch after the Cal/Washington game Saturday.  He drives around on the stretcher cart for the last drive of the game!  I have never seen this before.  Driving the cart around on the field after the game.  I love it.

Now time for the Friday tradition:

- This week has been particularly eventful with the 2007plans and the merry-go-round that a lot of drivers are on.  I think it makes sense for Atlanta after years of this race being theseason finale featuring a lot of rookies attempting the race and a lot of oneoff rides.  Who can forget the 1992 racehere? 

- I think the Hendrick team is the only making a damn bit ofsense with the Busch cars this weekend. Kyle Busch is skipping the race at Memphisand in his place will be Justin Labonte. The other teams will use the stand ins to practice and qualify.  For some odd reason, Kasey Kahne is in theBusch race this weekend.

- Also in the Busch race this weekend are Timothy Peters inthe RCR #29, Peyton Sellers in the #31, Cale Gale in the KHI #33, the debut ofJuan Pablo Montoya in the #42, the return of Jason Keller to competition in the#66, and the debut of Joey Miller in the #99.

- Ryan Smithson has a great article up today about DavidRagan and how unfair NASCAR is for not letting him drive at Atlanta this weekend.  I was going to say something about it but hedoes a great job with it.

- The IROC finale is this weekend as well at Atlanta.  Tony Stewart leads the points so he’ll bestarting in the back.  Within strikingdistance are Matt Kenseth, Ryan Newman, Max Papis, and Martin Truex Jr.  Tony will probably win the title but you knowme, I’ll be hoping for Kenseth.

- You know I really hate unsubstantiated rumors thatoriginate in the US.  When a foreign website does them aboutNASCAR, I really hate it.  MichaelSchumacher is not going to compete in the road races next season.

- Mark Martin should be driving a Ford next year in theTruck Series in a limited schedule. Where have I heard that before?  Iwould assume it’s the 6 Truck.  He couldalso run in the Busch Series for a different Chevy team.  It should be interesting to see who thatcould be.

----- AtlantaPreview -----

The Busch and Truck races should be interesting thisweekend.  On the Busch side, we a shorttrack battle at Memphiswith a lot of young guys in the field. In the Truck Series, Todd Bodine looks to sweep Atlanta in 2006 but with Mark Martin in thefield that is far from a lock.

WINNERS – Clint Bowyer in Busch, Mark Martin in Trucks

Weather will on everyone’s mind this weekend with rainlikely to cancel qualifying today.  Ofcourse, back in the spring the race was delayed to Monday and won by KaseyKahne.  I think you have to look at himas the prohibitive favorite at this race considering his wins on every other1.5 mile track this year.  It certainlylooks like he has the right combination figured out with the 9 team to attackthese tracks.  If not Kahne, I’d look toguys that traditionally run well here like Jimmie Johnson, Mark Martin, DaleEarnhardt Jr., and Tony Stewart.  Theracing itself is awesome at Atlanta.  Guys run anywhere they dang well please fromthe white line (Stewart, Martin) to the middle (Johnson) and the outside (DaleJr., Kahne).  This race is also importantbecause it shapes next week at Texas and to alesser extent Homestead.  Atlantato me is a great Chase track because the best car will usually win.

WINNER – Kasey Kahne

Call me Captain Obvious. I’m picking Kahne because there is too much evidence not to. 

DARKHORSE – Bobby Labonte

I’m pretty much going to guarantee a top 10 finish here forBobby.  It’s funny, since Todd Parrottleft the team they’ve run better.

Here is your channel surfing schedule:

Nextel Cup qualifying at 7:00 on SPEED
A.J. Allmendinger looks to qualify in the #84 for Red BullRacing while Bill Elliott whores himself out to the #37 team.  I feel bad that he isn’t in a better carconsidering Atlantais his home track.

Busch: Sam’s Town 250 at 2:00 on NBC
Truck: EasyCare 200 at 4:30 on SPEED

Nextel Cup: Bass Pro Shops 500 at 2:30 on NBC

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hollaman1622 said...

Actually they ran like crap after Parrott left, but now since Andrews has started cc'ing they have had what nor 4 top 10's? (5 after this week)