Thursday, October 26, 2006

I Meant To Do This Earlier: North Wilkesboro

I'm kind of shocked and sad that no one has made any mention of North Wikesboro this year, the 10-year anniversary of the last race at North Wilkesboro.  Save The Speedway is still working hard to bring racing - of any sort back to the track.  I commend them for it.  They got a lot of good press last year with their efforts and they actually look to have made some headway.  This year?  Nothing.  My memories of the track have faded and it sucks that I don't remember what the racing was like there.  Once or twice a year ESPN Classic will be nice enough to show a race, usually from 1989 or so.  I would love to watch the final race there even though I'm sure it would make me well up.  That had to have been a sad day.  I want to make a road trip and visit the track so I can say I've been there.  I'll be sure to bring a camera.  The before and after when the place is running again will be cool to see.

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