Saturday, October 7, 2006

Tomorrow's The Big Day

Maybe this is just me but I have a feeling the winner tomorrow will be a different face than we're accustomed to seeing.  This has just been too weird of a weekend and the race winner tomorrow will make you say "what the hell?"

First of all, I'm not in a place to discuss Mark Martin leaving right now.  Hopefully by early next week I will be able to talk about it.  Second, watching just two minutes of practice highlights has me rubbing my eyes and wondering if I'm really watching a race at Talladega.  The track just looks so different because I've never seen it without the light gray color and the bumps.  That will take some getting used to.  Third, NASCAR is editing the plates just enough to slow the cars down a bit.  Silly me for thinking the speed would force guys to adjust the way they drive.  And fourth, David Gilliland is on the pole.  If that doesn't tell ya the race will be crazy, I don't know what will.  Which makes it very tough to pick a winner:

WINNER - Jamie McMurray

A thoroughly disappointing season for the 26 team could see one bright spot here because Jamie has a pretty good track record of good runs at plate races.  I would expect this to be the last time I pick him for anything until he shows me some consistency in 2007.

DARKHORSE - Sterling Marlin

I would expect the fellow MB2 drivers to step up here and show they can compete with the new addition of Mark.  Sterling's a better plate driver than Joe so he is the pick here.


Kahne has worried me all year with his erratic plate racing.  Given the go-for-broke mentality he has apparently embraced in the last month I am really expecting him to take himself and others out.

Tomorrow at 1:30, make sure you're watching because anything can - and usually does happen October in Talladega.

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walnutzmaniac said...

I think Jeff BURTON will win tomorrow!!!