Sunday, October 8, 2006

WOW! Vickers Spins Teammate To Win UAW-Ford 500

Brian Vickers went from 3rd to 1st on the final lap at Talladega Sunday to capture his first career Nextel Cup victory after spinning his soon to be ex-teammate Jimmie Johnson, who spun out race leader Dale Earnhardt Jr.  What a finish! 

Talladega proved to be as good as any race we've seen this year.  The wild-card of the Chase certainly proved to be true today as we have a first-time winner and a dandy of a points battle shaping up for the next 6 races.

From the start of the race it was crystal clear that this race would be something to watch.  Guys were just battling everywhere and for extended periods of time there was three-wide racing throughout the field.  The new pavement made for some incredible racing because it gave the drivers an expansive canvas to compete and with tire wear almost nil, pit strategy for tires went out the window.

The big one occurred after halfway when cars in front of Carl Edwards and Jimmie Johnson suddenly checked up, which forced Edwards to check up and then Johnson got into him and the wreck took out Jeff Gordon, Greg Biffle, and several others.

Everyone will forget the great racing that went on today and only focus on the last lap of the race.  As Dale Jr. led Jimmie Johnson and Brian Vickers, I was sitting there hoping for someone, anyone to make a move and pass the 8 car.  When Johnson finally made the move it was brilliant - but then Vickers made his move as well.  Now, I don't think Vickers spun Jimmie intentionally.  To me it just looked like Brian was moving down to follow the 48 and he barely touched Jimmie - but it happened.  Dale Jr. handled the way it should have been... I think he knows Brian didn't do that intentionally.  Jimmie's post-race interview was hilarious.  I was expecting to see a tear or two from him.  Still, congrats to Brian for his first career win.  I'm glad he finally won.

Now, some (un)official Chase standings:
GREEN is a gain, BLACK is no change, RED is a loss; positions gained (+/-)

1. Burton  5351  (--)
Kenseth  -6  (+2)
Martin  -10  (--)
4. Harvick
  -33  (+1)
Hamlin  -51  (-3)
Earnhardt Jr.  -106  (+1)
Gordon  -147  (-1)
Johnson -156  (--)
Kahne  -185  (+1)
Busch  -185  (-1)

Full results from the UAW-Ford 500.


walnutzmaniac said...

I can't believe you Matt !!!  You can actually call what Brian Vickers did a win??? I call it something else entirely that I can't even say on the Internet. I hope NASCAR takes a closer look at that finish cause I think they are about to loose ALOT MORE FANS.

thecatfishshow said...

I think you're blowing it out of proportion... I do think Vickers didn't mean to spin the 48.  That said, I don't object to it.  If this incident causes anyone to stop watching NASCAR then I would question if they were fans to begin with.  I don't blame Jr. or Johnson fans for being mad though.