Sunday, November 19, 2006

Homestead Pre-Race

I'm going to do a modified form of the updates, not as often as the Texas race though.  I love the choice of "Metalingus" for the Kenseth video package.  I'm really hoping that the changes made before happy hour will work for him today.  I have a funny feeling that Jimmie could have an off day and it might leave the door open.  63 points is a lot and a little at the same time.  If Jimmie wrecks, it's a little.  If he does just enough to stay inside the top 15, it's a lot.

This race seems to be the end of an era... Mark Martin leaving the 6 car and Roush, the final full season before the Car Of Tomorrow rolls out to possibly ruin the series, and we have a transition into the era of international drivers as Juan Pablo Montoya runs his first Nextel Cup race.  The green flag is scheduled to drop at 2:55 PM.

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