Monday, November 6, 2006

Oh Snap

Harvick, Riggs' crewman have run-in after wreck

The short version: while Kevin and DeLana were walking through the garage after the race, a crew member from the 10 team confronted them and shoved them with DeLana suffering a twisted ankle.  A NASCAR official was also taken down during the incident.

To me, it's vigilante justice.  I think Riggs was wronged by Harvick because I know I'm not alone in seeing Riggs being spun by Kevin after blocking him as soon as it happened.  Sure enough, Riggs was put into the wall hard by Harvick.  At the same time, you can't go around pushing people down in the garage.  I respect Mike Dillon for restraining Harvick and preventing a total brawl that could have been really messy.  Still, a part of me feels for the 10 team.  They had a very strong run going and ended up with another 30th or worse performance.  What do you think?  Is the crewman in question a bum or do you think he was justified?

Monday update:  Well, interestingly it seems there are several accounts of what happened in the confrontation.  The original story I read on said that DeLana twisted her ankle and the NASCAR official, John Sacco, was injured but didn't give specifics.  Then today I see that the AP story says the Harvicks were uninjured and the official suffered a sprained ankle.  Yahoo's story says the official suffered a badly sprained ankle and DeLana merely twisted her leg. 

In any event, it still shouldn't have happened.  Kevin, DeLana, and the official Mr. Sacco were on the ground as a result of the Riggs crewman and that shouldn't be tolerated in any sport. 


lwjcybil8 said...

The whole incident was totally uncalled for. I don't give a damn who did what on the track, but it needs to stay on the track. When something like this occurs each and every crew member needs to be acounted for until all anger is controlled. That is a hefty job, but one that needs to be in place. These hot heads that come across the other team, even though they may think it is warranted, should keep their emotions in check.
I guess we should be thankful that these guys don't carry pistols on them or someone could be killed! Injuring someone who wasn't even involved is ridiculous! Nascar should inforce extreme penalties on those who lose control and those who can't control their own team....sooner or later confrontations will not be a problem.

walnutzmaniac said...

I agree with the first reply here. It was totally STUPID to involve DeLana Harvick!!! What did she have to do with anything??? Now she's probably the only one suffering, at least for today, I suspect that a big fat fine and penalty will come down on this one, deservedly so!!!