Sunday, November 5, 2006

Texas: Pre-Race Updates

3:28 - Cars on the track for their pace laps, Wally's World propaganda, and pre-race updates are done.  I'll chime in with updates when needed or around every 50 laps.  This is still a work in progress :-p .

- Terry gets a special engine start from daughter Kristen.  Looks like we're ready to go and the field gets the start as well.

- Safety vehicles on the track, drying it out but it is not raining.  I don't feel like watching 70 thousand interviews so it's back to the NFL.  Maybe they'll start this thing in 20-30 minutes.

- Terry Labonte interview before the race.  The car has an incredible paint scheme that highlights his career.  I'll give Hendrick credit, this is really cool.  Good luck Terry, we'll miss you.  Thanks for a great career.

- National anthem just played, looks like the race will get started on time.  Awfully overcast at the track. 

- The Pit Box breakdown for Texas.  If you're a nerd like me you like seeing where everyone is.

2:15 - Here is today's starting lineup.

- Rain at the track today.  NASCAR may or may not get the race in.  I'm hoping they do get it in today.

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