Sunday, November 5, 2006

Texas Race Update #3

Lap 332 - Harvick spins Riggs to bring out the caution, Riggs in the wall HARD and Kenseth is involved in the chain reaction behind along with Edwards.  GWC to come.  Riggs had gotten loose and blocked Harvick letting Johnson go and Harvick then spun him.  You could have seen that one coming a mile away.  Still waiting to see where everyone is officially running.

Lap 329
- I got a feeling Stewart won't hold off the 48.  I had the order wrong as Riggs runs in 2nd, Harvick 3rd, and Johnson 4th.  Truex rounds out the top 5.

Lap 327
- Whoa Kahne just blew up.  Pit stops, leaders don't come in. 

Lap 326
- Caution for Greg Biffle hitting the wall.  Well now, this changes things.  Less than 10 to go.  Will the leaders pit?  Stewart leads, Kahne 2nd, Johnson 3rd.

Lap 316
- Pit stops galore as most teams are taking two tires.  The 8 and 48 took 4.

Lap 305
- Kenseth and the 17 team decides to short pit and take 4 tires and see what happens.  Kinda risky if you ask me.  I don't believe anyone will try and make it until the end.

Lap 299
- All green flag racing as the field is separating itself.  Kahne could have something for Stewart as the strategies for the final stop are debated.  Teams need a bit of fuel but the question is who will take tires and who will not.  Top 5 is Stewart, Kahne, Johnson, Harvick, and Riggs. 

Lap 258
- Pit stops for the leaders as Stewart, Kahne, Harvick, and Johnson are the first four off.  Teams still not able to make it from here so a splash-and-go at the end is very likely to happen barring another caution.

Lap 256
- Robby Gordon blows an engine and brings the caution out with 78 to go. 

Lap 235
- Stewart, Bowyer, Kahne, Johnson lead the field off of pit road.  Should be interesting to see what approach teams take for the final 100 laps.

Lap 233
- Caution out right at 100 to go for Reed Sorenson.  He got loose under the 5 and slid down the track, hit the flat part, then slid back up.  The Busch brothers barely miss both spins.  Should be having pit stops as teams can make it from here on one more stop.

Lap 205
- Stewart has this thing locked up barring pit strategy or something else unforseen.  Kenseth runs 19th while Johnson still maintains a top 5 spot.

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