Saturday, November 4, 2006

Whitest Guys On The Planet

After rolling in tonight after seeing Independence HS extend their win streak to 103 games after a 2 OT defeat of rival Butler I saw this beauty on the front page of

NASCAR official chalks up 'can't dance' query on Speed Channel to poor judgment
By Jim Utter

FORT WORTH, Texas - A top NASCAR official on Friday said that NBC reporter Marty Snider used poor judgement in comments he made during Speed Channel's broadcast of Nextel Cup qualifying at Texas Motor Speedway.

While on the air with Cup driver Carl Edwards about his lack of arecent haircut, Speed's Steve Byrnes chimed in with the following:"Another fan wrote in and said we were the whitest men on Earth."

Snider, who was standing with Edwards in the garage, then said to the driver, "Can you not dance?"

Responded Edwards: "I'm truly as white as we get. The only whitest guy (more) than me is Steve Byrnes."

Snider is not employed by Speed Channel, but the network utilizes NBC talent when it broadcasts qualifying during race weekends.

"That's just one of those things where someone used poor judgement, andthat's all we're really going to say about that," NASCAR vice presidentJim Hunter said.

Speed spokesman Erik Arneson declined to comment when asked about the remark Friday night.

Speed reporter Ray Dunlap was suspended for one Craftsman Truck Seriesrace last month after he made disparaging remarks toward Hispanics onthe Speed show, "Tradin' Paint."

I can't be the only person who thinks that this is a non-story story.  Qualifying coverage is, by nature, boring as hell.  Case in point, how many times has anyone said anything about the coverage?  Two guys talking in an interview and because it just mentions race we're supposed to say something about it.  Notice how Ray Dunlap is brought into this.  Two completely different situations here as the only guys talking were three guys that obviously know each other and kid around.  I can't wait to see the mainstream media make something of it.  Instead of talking about Matt Kenseth's poor qualifying performance or a new track record set by Brian Vickers, outlets are going to talk about the remarks of Marty Snider.  God forbid we accept racing as a true sport and cover it like one.

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walnutzmaniac said...

I couldn't agree with you more Catfish, enough is enough, we tune in to see the qualifying. I don't think they should make a mountain out of every single mole hill. I personally think it's time that this season be over, everyone is getting on everyone else's NERVES !!! When they get that "knit-picky" it's time to pack up the rigs and go home.

As for today's quals, I found them pretty exciting, for a change. There was a new pole sitter with every lap qualified, or so it seemed. I actually enjoyed the quals for a change. I'm usually holding my breathe, waiting to see how Michael Waltrip makes out. He's a "Go or Go Homer", ya know.  BUT NOT IN 2007, then he will be in a TOYOTA !!! HIS OWN TOYOTA, AT THAT !!!  *ducking spit balls*.  I think there will be a lot of folks eating crow then !!!