Friday, December 29, 2006

Former supermodel Niki Taylor marries unemployed NASCAR driver Burney Lamar

I think we know who the primary breadwinner will be.  Just think, a guy that doesn't even have a ride can marry a former model.  Not many professions can get you to that point.  Although I'm kind of surprised she'd marry a guy that races cars for a living after nearly dying in one.  That's what we call i-r-o-n-y.  Sorry, that might be a bit mean.  Anyway, go Burney.  I'd do the same if the opportunity presented itself.

Here's the rest.  I myself didn't read it but the women that frequent here might.

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walnutzmaniac said...

Okay, Catfish, yeah I "frequent here" and yes I did read the rest, I guess it's a "Girl" thing, huh ???   LOL  *wink*