Friday, January 5, 2007

Car of Tomorrow Still Stinks

Despite the propaganda piece by David Newton (I thought they were confined to NASCAR.COM, but anyway) the Car of Tomorrow is not, I repeat, is not the greatest thing to ever happen to Nextel Cup.  I have talked to a few sources that actually know what they are talking about - and they don't like it.

"It's bullshit," says a member of a Nextel Cup team I talked to.  "Someone is going to get killed."

Yes, I had the same reaction when I heard that.  Killed?  Are you serious?  Why?  He said that there is no bracing going down the driver's side of the car and that will do more harm to the chassis of the car instead of the body and give an increased chance that a driver will be hurt.  A crash will total the body of the car instead of having the sheet metal, bars, and the general dispersion that the cars today have.  He added that the foam and kevlar that are mandated to be in the car is nearly impossible to put there and quite frankly, doesn't provide enough protection to be worth it.  Needless to say, I was quite stunned by hearing this.

The crew member even said to me that he wants to return to the Busch or Truck series due to the stress of maintaining the cars of today and building up the Cars of Tomorrow.  He even told me that NASCAR still has no idea of what to do with the inspection process because a car will fail four times, then, pass a fifth while no adjustments are made.  There wasn't much elaboration about the hideous wing on the car, it was "just stupid."  One more thing interested me: he mentioned that the bumper bars that were supposed to be smaller for the restrictor plate tracks to reduce bump drafting were actually stronger than the ones used previously.  Yeah, NASCAR's going to have a helluva time with this thing at Bristol.  Add to that reports I've heard that the Car of Tomorrow is more of a sports car than a stock car, as fans, we may not recognize the sport we love in three years.  I am starting to barely recognize it now.

Yeah David Newton, this thing isn't so bad after all is it?

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