Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Ford Drops Champ Car Like A Bad Habit

The story from Yahoo! Sports:

INDIANAPOLIS, United States (AFP) - Ford Motor Company, a backer ofChamp Car racing since 1992, announced that it will no longer serve asa sponsor of the US-based open wheel series.

"We evaluate all of our racing programs on an annual basis and havedecided that this sponsorship does not align with our current businessobjectives," Ford Racing technology director Dan Davis said.

"Although we are leaving open wheel racing at this time, were proud ofour long relationship with Champ Car, its teams and drivers, and wewish them well as they try to grow the sport."

Champ car and the rival Indy-car Series have struggled for sponsorsand fans since Indy-car officials split their group off in 1996.

"Today's decision was made from a business standpoint on both sides andin no way should tarnish the long legacy of success that the Ford MotorCompany has established in Champ Car," series president Steve Johnsonsaid.

"We thank Ford for what it has done for the series, but we arecontinuing building a bright future for the series and are exploring anumber of other options for a manufacturer partner."

So, what does this mean?  Honestly... I have no clue.  I assume that the series is still going to use the Ford stuff unless they changed and I'm either forgetting or haven't seen it, but ultimately the two series should get back together.  If it takes completely killing one off for that to happen, well... kill it off.


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