Thursday, January 4, 2007

Interesting Thought

Reading the return of Jerry Bonkowski's Trading Paint column on Ya-hooooo! just now, one of his emails intrigued me.  The column is here and this is the email I'm referring to:

"Jerry, why doesn't the Busch Series start later in spring and runthrough December and January for the Nextel-starving race fans?Wouldn't more fans of the big-name drivers, who might not take the timeto watch both leagues during the regular season, be more inclined towatch the up-and-comers during the winter, therefore giving thesponsors more incentive and boosting the Busch Series' image? Save thecold-weather tracks for spring and fall and show us some sunny racingduring the icy onslaught of college basketball. Or how about the truckseries, or mini-vans? Anything that goes in a circle!"

Honestly, I think that's the first time I've thought about something like that.  I think it warrants a bit of attention.  Running a series starting in May or June then concluding in December or January would be intriguing for fans and for prospective sponsors.  The end of your season will be given priority attention without the competition from NASCAR.  I'm sure SPEED would jump at the chance to show the series, along with FSN or even ESPN2.  I'm not saying it should be Busch, at least not yet.  But it could work for the Trucks or could be given a trial run by the ARCA series (I think they're gonna need it).  When you talk about giving the Busch Series its own identity, any suggestions are helpful. 

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