Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Juan Pablo Montoya Earns Some New Fans

The quote from Schumacher from the New York Times (go figure):

"Personally, I wouldn't do it.  What do you do in NASCAR? What is exciting there? I can't see that,running around on ovals."

The quotes from Montoya:

"Schumacher in America is nobody."

"People don't understand what a big challenge this style of racing is.  Michael Schumacher, just take him to Homestead (Fla.)and tell him to stay half a second off the pace. He would have a heartattack."

Safe to say that JPM won this exchange.  This is the same thing that people like me have been saying for years, F1 Isn't the be-all-end-all of racing.  Now a guy like Montoya who has had success in everything he has done says the same words while in the process trashing someone most fans despise?  Brilliant.

Later in the week I'll do... something.  The deaths of two people in successive weeks that meant a lot to the sport just take the air out of my blogging.     

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