Friday, January 19, 2007

Kelly Clarkson Will Be Face of NASCAR in 2007

No complaints on this end.  :-)

The NASCAR.COM story here.

Braun teams with Biagi, PPC Racing

I think this deal is a terrific one for all parties involved.  The newly formed three-car team will be getting Toyota's help and all three teams are decent enough in their own right.  The #38 of Leffler, #32 of Blaney, and #10 of Andretti should work well together and maybe win a few.  It seems this is going to be the only way a team that wants to remain unfettered from Nextel Cup will survive in the Busch Series.

Non-story of the week: COT runs 190+ at Daytona

Penske Racing brought their COTs to Daytona to play around with, and the car ran the fastest time of testing.  What gets mentioned in a tiny sentence not easily found in articles churned out about it is the fact that the restrictor plate was much smaller than the ones in the present cars.  Those pesky facts...

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