Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Racing Series Poll Update

My question back at the end of 2006 resulted in, well, not much.  The overwhelming choice was "other/who cares" with other votes going to A1, Aussie V8, and German Touring.  I need someone who follows sports cars to tell me if the German cars is the DTM series that several former F1 drivers currently compete in.  Overall, I think the majority of people that visit here/live in the US are by and large NASCAR-only fans.  There is passing interest in others but NASCAR or bust is the opinion I'm getting.  I myself used to care less about the others.  I could still do without people telling why watching F1 is so great, but if good racing is on I'm not opposed to watching it.  After stock car racing in its various forms, I do watch nearly every IRL event on the calendar.  Last year I even tuned in to parts of Champ Car.  Since my cable company finally put SPEED on my TV I've been wetting my feet with the selection.  While it is still January, I'm more than willing to entertain racing that holds my attention.  After all, I've been told there is more out there than just NASCAR.

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