Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Thems Fightin Words!

Kevin Harvick really let Teresa Earnhardt have it during the Nextel Cup media tour (which I wasn't invited to... maybe next year), saying that she is a "deadbeat owner" that doesn't come to the racetrack every week... or in her case, ever.  Harvick didn't back down either:

"It's not just a money bit, where someone says, 'Well, I can make moneyoff Dale Jr. or off Dale Earnhardt.'  You can't run these race teamsaway from the racetrack.  You have to be at the race track, you have toplay the politics of the sport, you have to be part of your team andyou have to understand what's going on.  Me, from the outside lookingin, it just doesn't look like that's happening."


Dale Jr. had his take on Harvick's comments, which may drive him closer to DEI as a result: 

"Man, you're killing me.  That's ridiculous. I don't really think there's a comment forKevin's remarks."

Ridiculous or not, I certainly think Kevin has a point.  My opinions go back and forth on him (we'll call it tolerate/hate) but one thing I really like about him is that he speaks his mind.  No one seems to want to do that, even when some things need to be said.


walnutzmaniac said...

I guess that I am STUNNED at Harvick's reaction to possibly becoming a teammate of Junior's. Here's a quote from Yahoo Sports News: "How happy would I be to have him as a teammate? I'd jump up and down." Happy Harvick said. This comes as a TOTAL SHOCK to me, because obviously Jr. would still be the "SuperStar" that he is and I can't even imagine Harvick taking a backseat to ANYONE after the season he had in both series last season. Just my humble opinion.

thecatfishshow said...

I think Harvick would love to have Jr. as a teammate and it wouldn't be that big a deal.  Look at Roush Racing with the strong personalities they had, Hendrick with Jimmie and Jeff, Gibbs is starting to develop a similar dynamic with Stewart and Hamlin.  I think Harvick actually wouldn't mind if Jr. came to RCR because what is good for RCR is obviously going to be good for him.