Friday, January 19, 2007

Weekend Notes

Ashley Force to run Funny Car in 2007

Ashley Force will compete in a fourth car for her dad's team with sponsorship from Castrol and the Auto Club of Southern California.  I think I have a new favorite funny car driver.  If you need one too, this should convince you:

I rest my case.

Sebestien Bourdais needs a new job

He could find it with Toro Russo, an F1 team I do not recognize.  Apparently it is the same team that Scott Speed bombed with last season.  Usually I wouldn't care, but the guy has turned Champ Car into his personal playground and he needs a new challenge.

PPC Racing: unabashed whining since 2005

After posting about their alliance with Braun, this beauty just confirms that Greg Pollex liked being the top dog but, when faced with competition, couldn't keep up.  Let's hope he puts up or shuts up because the whining really needs to stop.

Robin Miller just might have a crush on Tony Stewart

In his most recent commentary on SPEED, Miller says that Tony is the most versatile driver in the past 20 years.  I'm inclined to agree with that, even before he won the Chili Bowl last week in Oklahoma.  Still, the commentary is worth the read.  See yall next week.


walnutzmaniac said...

Okay, so whose hotter, Ashley Force or Danica Patrick ? ? ? Inquiring minds want to know ! ! !

thecatfishshow said...

Oh gosh... do I have to pick?  Either way, it's a win-win situation!  I'll pick Ashley right now simply because Danica is a known commodity.  If Ashley has the genes to win like her dad, she'll become very famous very soon.