Thursday, February 8, 2007

Dale Jr.'s Power Play?

Seeing this story today certainly made me think about what he is really asking...

Does he really think Teresa Earnhardt will give up ownership of DEI?!


Dale, you need to go to RCR.  Here is my plan:

1. You sign with Childress to drive the #3 with sponsorship from Budweiser.  All ties with DEI are severed, and JR Motorsports becomes an ally with RCR.

2. Drive your ass off, win another Daytona 500, possibly a championship, and watch as DEI implodes.  Yes, it will be tough to watch but remember... that payoff in the end will be worth it.

3. When DEI is no longer a threat in Nextel Cup (and that WILL happen if Dale Jr. leaves, mark my words) Teresa will get bored and look for a way out.  This is your opportunity.

4. RCR and Dale Earnhardt Jr. reach an agreement to buy Dale Earnhardt Inc. from Teresa.

5. With guidance from RC, Dale Jr. rebuilds DEI into a powerhouse once again.

Questions?  Comments?  Is this a genius plan?  Have I lost my damn mind?

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