Thursday, February 8, 2007

Kyle Petty To Work With TNT

Kyle Petty will take a break from the driving duties of his #45 Dodge in the 2007 season to work as an analyst with TNT for their six-race stint carrying the Nextel Cup Series.  What I find interesting is that he'll do commentary behind the wheel at Sears Point (Infineon... I like Sears Point better).  So will be trying to run the best he can?  Will he intentionally spin out so we can see what it's like?  These are things that need to be answered.  Nonetheless, he did a solid job last season with the Busch races and should do a good job this year.  Now, who will drive the #45?  I tend to think it would be a veteran guy.  Here is a name: Bill Elliott.  Tell me that wouldn't be something... Bill Elliott driving for Petty Enterprises.

A few more things..

- Joe Nemechek will have CertainTeed as a sponsor for 18 races
I had heard Bacardi would be a sponsor, possibly for the other 18

- Congress honors Benny Parsons

Very cool... it was introduced by Robin Hayes, someone I had the pleasure of volunteering for this past election.

- The Gordons (Jeff and Ingrid) expecting baby girl
Wonder if she'll be a driver... hahaha.  Congrats to the couple that hurriedly got married when they found out they were pregnant.

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