Wednesday, February 14, 2007

NASCAR Brings Down The Hammer On Michael Waltrip

The penalties handed down for the illegal substance in the #55 of Michael Waltrip are some of the biggest I've ever seen in NASCAR:

- Crew Chief David Hyder suspended indefinitely
- MWR Team Manager Bobby Kennedy suspended indefinitely
- Michael Waltrip docked 100 driver and owner points
- MWR fined $100,000

This is huge and NASCAR is not kidding when it comes to outright cheating, especially with the brazen actions by this team.  They should thank their lucky stars that their sorry asses were not thrown out of the speedway and told not to show up for a while.  For the first time in a long time, I agree with Jimmy Spencer... this was not a stiff enough penalty.  $100,000 was not enough for a team that is getting sponsorship from 4 major national companies.  I know if it were me, I would ban the #55 team from competition for the first 5 races of the year, ban the crew chief until December 31st, and fine them $250,000.  This incident has dominated the headlines and only increased the negative perception of Toyota. 

I hope Michael Waltrip is happy with himself.

9:30 Update: Bram (Scottish Racer) has a terrific entry about what the 55 team was trying to accomplish, and how they got caught.


koymack said...

I am a Toyota owner and I was really lookinf forward to the season  pulling for the Toyota teams but this sure has put a damper on that. I would like to see Toyota pull the sponership of Waldrip racing for good.

jadolphin5758 said...

Toyota has no business competing in NASCAR. Waldrip is a has been fromDEI.
He is lucky he has a spot on the speed channel or he would be home watching.
I hope he never qualifies for a race. That will seal the deal of the mistake the Japs
made on slipping in to market their JUNK. That and money is what this is all about.
Mikey can't live up to the expectations of wonderful Toyota.