Monday, February 5, 2007

NASCAR Now Debuts Tonight

In another reassuring sign that NASCAR on ESPN again is a good move, NASCAR Now will debut tonight and will be completely dedicated to NASCAR.  The show will run at least 5 days a week and have airings before and after races.  I suppose their motto is "the more NASCAR on TV, the better" and if done right, I'll be a big fan of it.  I was a fan of FSN's Totally NASCAR until it was cancelled.  I'm optimistic that ESPN will bring the professionalism, analysis, and fun that similar shows like NFL Live, NBA Shootaround, and Baseball Tonight have.  Even though it will be on ESPN2, it beats having it on SPEED.  The roster that ESPN has assembled is impressive... I'm particularly excited to have Tim Cowlishaw as a regular.  To me, he makes Around The Horn worth watching because he knows that there are more sports in the world besides football, baseball, and basketball.

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