Monday, February 5, 2007

Why Roush Will Dominate the Busch Series in 2007

First, David Ragan and Carl Edwards are running full schedules in the 6 and 60, respectively.  Add to that the 16 team of Greg Biffle and Todd Kluever, the 17 with Matt Kenseth, and the 26 team that will run with about 483 drivers.  Then Brewco cast their lot with Biffle and Jamie McMurray sharing the 37 (to be sponsored by Cub Cadet and Yard-Man).  I don't see how there could be any less than 7, 8, or even 10 wins this season.  It was good to see most, if not all of the news sites completely avoid mentioning the Dish Network deal I posted over a month ago and I don't even think Brewco bothered to make an announcement with their sponsorship.  However, I'm still upset that there is not a ride available for Danny O'Quinn at Roush or anywhere else.  I fail to see why he couldn't run some races for Brewco, some races for Roush and scrape together a full season at other places.  To see him driving for the 56 Busch team would be an embarrassment but the fact that it may happen just reiterates that, for all of the ratings and money, the Busch Series still lacks an identity.


walnutzmaniac said...

I can't believe you included David Ragan as a potential winner. Weren't you around last season when he was hitting everything but the ambulance ???  I thought they were going to have to send him to Driving School.  I have to disagree with you on that point, Catfish !!!  LOL !!!  I know, you just wanted to find out if anyone was reading your blog, eh ???

dothechop71029 said...

Jayski posted a "rumor" on Friday that O'Quinn would be in the 17 car with DISH Network for one race.  But that is 34 short of what he should be doing.  And to comment on walnutzmaniac's remark, David Ragan might have hit everything in sight last season, but I think he will progress enough throughout the season to at least win one Busch race.  

thecatfishshow said...

Yeah - Ragan had trouble last season, but running both Busch and Cup will accelerate his learning curve.  Companies like Discount Tire and AAA wouldn't sponsor someone they didn't think couldn't keep the car on the track.  Ragan was pretty respectable in testing and personally, I don't think he got a fair shake after Martinsville last October.  He'll win in Busch and record a top 10 points finish... in Cup, though, he'll be top 30.  He has enough talent to get the job done if he is allowed to develop.

As far as O'Quinn goes, surely someone recognizes his talent and will put something together for him, I'm sort of surprised he didn't end up in the 50 truck.  He needs to be racing full-time in a major series this year.