Thursday, March 29, 2007

Martinsville This Week

I guess the world didn't end after the first COT race at Bristol.

That said, I don't expect things to be peaches and cream at Martinsville Sunday either. If drivers were having trouble with their car being tight and not turning at Thunder Valley, woe be unto them when they hit the track for 500 laps Sunday. Track position and brakes will be the two things to keep your eyes on, with the performance of the splitter in the front and how it holds up in its second race a close third. Kyle Busch said the car "sucked" in victory lane last week and I laughed for a good 10 minutes afterward. On the other hand, it is kinda funny hearing professional race car drivers complain about a car being "too hard" to drive. In reality the Gibbs duo of Tony Stewart and Denny Hamlin arguably had the top cars during the race, and I'd look for them to be just as strong this week as they were last week. Some teams that had trouble, especially those with the bigger budgets should be noticeably better with a week to evaluate their operation and to see what worked for everyone else. As for a winner, I'm inclined to say that Tony Stewart will finish the job and take his first win of 2007.

We also have Craftsman Truck Series racing at Martinsville this weekend. This one could get quite interesting, as it will be the first short track race of 2007 after running Daytona, California, and Atlanta to start the year. FOX will be carrying the broadcast of this race, the first network TV Truck race since God knows when. Venturing to guess a winner, I'll pick the #75 Spears Manufacturing Chevy with Dennis Setzer to get on track at a track both team and driver know well.

The Busch Series has the weekend off before heading to Nashville for their annual Easter weekend race. Meanwhile, the IRL journeys to St. Petersburg for a race in the streets on Sunday.

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