Friday, March 16, 2007

Ready For Atlanta? Not So Much....

This entire week, I planned on writing something. Something, anything, because you know... it's what I do. But I realized something: I'm just not excited for the season yet. Daytona, great. California, ok (and Kenseth swept). I really, really enjoyed the Mexico City race. But Vegas? The new track was awful. I watched maybe a third of the Cup race. This week at Atlanta, I'm just not excited for it. Sure, the track usually produces great races, but I'm not feeling it. I think it may have something to do with the looming COT at Bristol. I am fearful of seeing this thing on the track. There is always the possibility of me being wrong, but since I've heard what I've heard from people inside the sport I will still be firmly in the "against" category.

As for the races, Jeff Burton will be very strong on Saturday and Sunday. If you want a darkhorse, Clint Bowyer in the #07 wouldn't be a bad place to look. Mark Martin is enjoying himself and he likes Atlanta, so keep an eye on the #01 as well.

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Charlie Turner said...

You're not the only one not feeling it yet. Glad it isn't just me. We had Todd Bodine on our show this week and he gave us hope for the CoT. I like your stuff.