Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Retire, Mikey, Retire

Reading the latest article by Jenna Fryer today was, I suppose, an effort to garner sympathy for Michael Waltrip and the struggles he has had thus far in 2007. Struggle would be an understatement. Since Daytona, the #55 he drives hasn't made a race. The #44 of Dale Jarrett has already used up 4 of the 6 past champion provisionals he is alloted for the year. Lastly, David Reutimann is 43rd in the standings with a grand total of 150 points. He is still behind Mike Wallace, who has made a grand total of 1 start.

Things over at MWR don't look so great, do they? Given that Toyota appears to be mailing it in with the cars that will be used in 22 races this and are being phased out in favor of that other one that will debut this week, perhaps things could still improve. But there needs to be one major change in operations: Michael Waltrip should stop driving the #55 as soon as possible. At the very least, this should be the final year he competes. I'm not saying this out of my dislike for him (although I do admit I do) but he is the owner a 3-car team on the Nextel Cup level, owns a Busch car, and does commentary for numerous Craftsman Truck Series races. The first part of that list would be enough for most people, let alone adding the others and trying to compete in one of his own cars. It is time for him to become an owner first and foremost with no driving responsibilities. He should follow what Richard Childress and Junior Johnson have done, converting their operations into powerhouses after retiring. Personally, I think he could do it. He has 4 major corporate sponsors on the Nextel Cup level and also Aarons in Busch. I don't care who you support, recruiting those sponsors says something about Mikey's strengths. I just think it's time for them to be his primary focus because driving race cars isn't much of one anymore.


The Wal-NutzManiac said...

Okay . . . you are entitled to your opinion and I can respect that, but I am entitled to my opinion as well, am I not??? I happen to be Mikey's number one fan and I will continue to be whether he is Car Owner, Broadcast Announcer, Sponsor Spokesman or Pace Car Driver. You see I didn't chose my driver based on his ability to drive a race car .... although he is quite capable of that too. Hero are made of MORE than just their athletic abilities, what about the person ???

thecatfishshow said...

My main point is that he could serve the business aspect of his career much better if he focused on doing that instead of continuing to DNQ week-to-week. He still has -27 points because he hasn't made a race since Daytona. His commercials are still on TV promoting NAPA, but this is a performance business and he hasn't performed for a few years.