Friday, March 16, 2007

Seriously, NASCAR Has Their Heads Up Their Asses

I hadn't planned on ranting about anything this week until I saw today how the sanctioning body is behaving like the elitist assholes their critics have charged they are. Two counts on this matter:

AT&T to sue NASCAR over #31 car

I applaud AT&T for taking this step to get their product on the car. At the time of the Nextel deal, they said any company that was currently in the sport would be grandfathered in. Cingular was in. Now that Cingular has been sold and will be renamed they're out? Excuse me, it is still the same company doing the same things except they will have a different name. You can look at this from any angle and I still fail to see the logic. I wish NASCAR would just go ahead and say this more about Sprint vs. AT&T than any sort of "exclusivity" that I already disproved. I wholeheartedly support AT&T in this matter and it would be great if they won. However, because NASCAR is privately owned and operated, I doubt they'll win. I think that is crap, but I don't see the suit being successful. On the other hand, the negative attention could pressure the Frances, Mike Helton, and all the other puppets to let AT&T have their name on the car they sponsor.

NASCAR tells Gordon to move Motorola logo

This one is even more ridiculous... they can be an associate, but not a primary? What genius this displays. Someone find me a phone with the Motorola service plans. I'll spoil it for you, THERE ISN'T ANY. Motorola makes the damn phones. Like Robby said, Motorola makes NEXTEL phones. I swear Brian France isn't much more than an alcoholic in a famous family with little business running the sport. I've tried to remain optimistic about the future of NASCAR but he makes it damn hard to do so. Now I don't profess to have the answers to everything, but someone should remind France he doesn't either.

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