Monday, March 19, 2007

Warning - Stay Away From NASCAR.COM & ESPN.COM This Week

This warning is brought to you by The Catfish Show NASCAR Blog:

These websites and their writers such as David Newton, Marty Smith, and whoever replaced them on NASCAR.COM are very likely to lie to you for the next week. Their jobs as cheerleaders for NASCAR and, recently, the Car Of Tomorrow will hit a zenith as the car rolls onto the track this week at Bristol. No matter what happens during the race, no matter how good or bad the racing is, these writers will tell you how great the COT is. Let me hit you with some truth - it doesn't make a bit of difference what a car at Bristol looks like. You can race anything there because of the high banks and the fact that it is .533 of mile big. I actually give some credit to NASCAR for choosing Bristol to be the first race, they can get away with using an underdeveloped car there with little hassle. Not the cars are underdeveloped though. The inspections could prove to be the biggest headache since the introduction of tequila to the US. Mainly, though, beware of these sites and the writers that right for them. The chances you aren't going to get the truth are very good.

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