Monday, April 30, 2007

Aarons 499

Want a picture of the Aarons 499 that fits perfectly? That's it. NASCAR served up the win to Jeff Gordon on a virtual silver platter. David Reutimann blew his engine but I guess it wasn't bad enough to warrant a caution until Jeff had completed his pass of Jamie McMurray, 3/4's of a lap later. In so doing, NASCAR gave Jeff Gordon his 77th win on Dale Earnhardt's birthday and have their storyline heading into Richmond and beyond. At this point, the Kentucky and AT&T lawsuits are critical to bringing some transparency to this sport.


vroom said...

I too noted that the caution was delayed...I'll watch the replay this morning and see who was in the lead when the smoke began bellowing from the #00.

Jon said...

Of course it's all a conspiracy. HMS is given special treatment by NASCAR and that's why Jeff won 4 championships and his sidekick 1, including the 66% of the races they won so far this season.

Haven't you all heard, it's the "Hendrick Rule."

4ever3 said...

I thought the caution was a little late. It got to the point where I thought that they were just going to let them race as it look like David was going to get out of the way ok and get down on the apron of the track when the caution finally came out.

As with everything they do, NASCAR needs to be consistent and lately the only thing that has been consistent in NASCAR is their inconsisentcy in everything they do.

thecatfishshow said...

I just watched the race replay on SPEED, and now I'm even more outraged at when the caution came out. I'm really getting a bad taste in my mouth for what NASCAR has been doing to the sport.