Sunday, April 22, 2007

I Know, I Know

Again... I apologize for not writing this week. Stuff happens, ya know? But I had a good 15 pages worth of papers to turn in this week and a few other assignments thrown in for fun. Anyway, I'm almost giddy for this weekend because the series heads back to TALLADEGA. That makes me happy.

Jeffy finally won again last night in what turned out to be a pretty entertaining race. COT shills are pointing to the close racing and saying "see? Told you it would be great racing" but I don't buy into it... at least not yet. A lot of finishes are close at short tracks, and the Busch race Friday night was just as entertaining. I find it kind of ironic that DW isn't lapping up the COT the way I thought he would, and his arguments provide a good counter to Hammond, Larry Mac, and Mike Joy, who seem to be wetting themselves every time they talk about the car. Let me be clear, the car hasn't proven to be a clusterfuck the way I thought it would. Thank goodness for that. However, there are still ample opportunities for that to happen. I'm thinking Darlington here in a few more weeks. I want to commend the Haas Racing team for their performances last night, with top 10 finishes for both Jeff Green and Johnny Sauter. They seem to have put their eggs in the COT basket and its been paying off well for them. All in all, I agree with something Joy said last night: "the good drivers are still the good drivers, and the good teams are still the good teams." Look at the top 5 finishers - Gordon, Stewart, Hamlin, Johnson, Kenseth. The only team not represented there and should be is the RCR threesome, and they were just unfortunate as Harvick led laps and Burton was in the top 10 most the night. I also want to give a shout to Bobby Labonte, who quietly scored a 9th place finish. The bad luck continues for Casey Mears, who looks pretty comfortable as the new Hendrick doormat.

Later this week I'll do my annual defense of Talladega and plate racing.

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