Thursday, May 10, 2007

5 Teams Dale Jr. Could Wind Up Driving For

In a somewhat particular order, here are the five places Dale Earnhardt Jr. will most likely end up:

1. Hendrick Motorsports

Seriously, why wouldn't you want to go here? I'm sure he would love to, but they're committed with their four teams and that includes Casey Mears. Would Hendrick dump him for Dale Jr? Absolutely. Will he? I'm doubtful.

2. Richard Childress Racing

Going to his dad's owner just makes sense for Dale. They have the option of adding a team and they are championship-caliber. However, his comments lead me to believe this may not be the slam dunk it appears to be on the surface.

3. Joe Gibbs Racing

I firmly believe Joe Gibbs Racing stands an excellent chance of adding a 4th team for Dale Earnhardt Jr. His teammates would include Tony Stewart and Denny Hamlin, two guys that Jr. is tight with and would work well with. Gibbs is championship-proven and just seems to be a great place to be. I think they could very well be the favorite no one is talking about.

4. Ginn Racing

I have Ginn Racing listed here because this is something Bobby Ginn would do. They're on their way to being a championship contender with Mark Martin leading the way, and they have not one, but two openings. Tell me a driver lineup of Mark Martin, Regan Smith, Dale Earnhardt Jr., and Martin Truex Jr. wouldn't be formidable. By the way, the team uses Hendrick equipment, which was the big rumor yesterday.

5. JR Motorsports

This would obviously be a last resort for Dale, since he has stated repeatedly he doesn't want the team to grow too fast. Still, it is very possible if no one else satisfies his demands.


Hollis said...

What do you think of a non-Chevy team switching to Chevy in order to lure Dale Jr.? I am sure teams like Ganassi who are desperate for something/anything to change the direction of their organization would be willing to try it.

Vroom! said...

I'm betting it's into #3 or to JGR! Enjoy your catfish this weekend!

thecatfishshow said...

I don't think anyone will switch to Chevy, but a team could threaten to do so in order to gain more manufacturing support. I think its more likely to see a team get sweet-talked into moving to Toyota (and getting a pile of money thrown their way) in order to boost them up. The thing is, if a team switches to Chevy they'll be behind all the teams that are already there who have had years with the cars and know them so much better.

Mike said...

Ginn makes more sense than the other sattelites, but I don't think Truex is directly connected to anything. Suddenly he is the franchise at DEI, and they do have better resources than a lot of teams. Truex could end up a winner in this too.